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Gary "Chris" Christopherson

What Will You Do [To Thrive]?  Win Strategic "Game".

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The "Game"    Thrive! Games - Full Version     Thrive! - Full eBook on Game
   “Thrive!® – All Thrive Forever®” is like a strategic video game that is not a game. Not fantasy, it is todays and future reality. Even if you choose not to play, “game” goes on with real-life consequences. Real-life played in real-time with real people, including you.
   At beginning of “play” is the challenge – “What will you do to thrive?
   You choose your “game” – 1) you, 2) your community or 3) world+.
   “Play” Thrive! for real-life loss or win.    
Note: To win and build surviving/thriving future in real world, Thrive can help. Next Generation Toolkit in Thrive! - People’s Guide To a Thriving Future and Thrive! - Building a Thriving Future via or free from

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Play “Game” - What Will You Do To Thrive!

  • “Play” – You for your, your community's and/or world's future. Real-life. Real-time. Real people. Real consequences.

  • Win – Survive/thrive near & far future.

  • Setting - Your, your community's and/or your world's environment 

Graphic - Thrive Winning
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What will
you do [to thrive]?