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Gary "Chris" Christopherson

What Will You Do To Thrive?  Game.

  • “Play” – You for your future. Real-life. Real-time. Real people. Real consequences - surviving/thriving future.

  • Win – Survive and thrive near future, far future.

  • Setting - Your, your community's and/or your world's environment

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Play Thrive! – All Thrive Forever “game” and win surviving and thriving future.

  1. Play! Win near and far future!

  2. Tactics and Actions (Play). Having chosen the path you will take and the future (Survive, Partial Thrive, and Full Thrive) you will seek, strategize on how to get off Current Path to avoid losing and get on chosen path to chosen future and win. Strategize. First, near future. Second, far future. Third, forever. Or do simultaneous push for all three.

    1. How well (surviving/ thriving) should future be? Enter in Thrive (Excel) Fillable Scoresheet 

    2. What actions are needed to achieve thriving future? Enter in Thrive (Excel) Fillable Scoresheet

  3.  Execute strategy and tactics.

    1. Use Overall Thrive! Strategy and Action Plan. Who did what to/with whom, where, when, with what result?

  4.  Act. Winning?

    1. Use Thrive Scoresheet - Win? How well and for how long? Calculate score in Thrive (Excel) Fillable Scoresheet

  5.  If winning, congratulations! If losing, do better!

  6.  Adjust strategies, tactics and actions during play.

  7.  Play! Win!

  8.  Win or lose, continue “game”. This is real life.

  9.  Play! Win surviving and thriving future. Ultimate score is 150,000!

#ThriveEndeavor! #AllThriveForever

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